Social Networking: CBC report on the new Internet phenom

A quote from early CBC coverage on the Internet likened its rapid growth to that of an embryonic brain. It’s a fascinating report that touches upon many big issues of social networking: behaviour of the anonymous; the ameliorating effect of group environments on anonymous behaviour; posting of “sensitive” information with possible ethical or legal ramifications [here, the leaking of manslaughter trial details]; responsive legislation for controlling Internet use and access to information.

Here follows the report. See an almost youthful-looking Peter Mansbridge! I came across the link in the official Second Life blog while investigating the environment and trying to figure out what I can do in there. This particular blog entry, I, for one, welcome our new avatar overlords is by Torley Linden, Project Manager.


Brave New Post

Well, time to stop fussing over the format of this blog!

I am looking forward to learning more about social software. Although I once made a blog on blogger that I kept up very briefly, this all feels very new. I’ve never used an RSS aggregator before and am embarrassed to admit that I’m new to downloading podcasts, too.

I’m on co-op in Manitoba in an academic library and want to help develop means by which the very dispersed user community can learn about and discuss things that may be of use to them.

Right now, I’m at the Manitoba Library Association Conference, and this morning’s keynote speaker Elizabeth Lane Lawley spoke quite warmly about social software – I wonder how many will decide to start up flickr and accounts when they get back home.