Completely Biased SN Recognition Awards 2007

MISU [Most Interesting Sign-up]:  Second Life.  Becoming a resident entails selecting a last name from a provided list.  How about that:  Vonnegut’s Dr. Wilbur Daffodil-11 Swain was on to something.

IFF  [Instant Friend Factor]: 
Facebook.  Invitations from fun folk I actually know were waiting for me when I signed up.  MySpace takes a second for creator and autofriend Tom.

Tom’s profile serves as a behavioural model for those new to the SN, and reading “Tom’s Friends [sic] Comments” gives one access to users’ shared behaviours.  He’s fairly good-looking, so pouty-faced young females post flirts frequently.  There are also comments like this morning’s from Dezz Da Sh!zz:

” saw you in cosmo girl mag yesterday =P  i like how they said your display pic is the mona lisa of mysapce so true! cant belive how famous you are,i trully love this site,im addicted,ive made new friends in my area cause of you,you odnt know how happy i am!”

and this from **2 Tha World Ur 1 Person,But To Me Ur The World**:  “hey tom….myspace has really effected my life, i found the love of my life on here, i fell in love with the girl of my dreams because of you….if it wasnt for myspace, we woulda never met….so i just wanna thank you for creating this website and helping me find the girl that im going to spend the rest of my life with..”

FAF [Friend Addition Factor]:  Facebook.  The greatest online accumulation of people I want to be in touch with since Tribe.

GCS  [Group/Community Selection]:  Orkut.  Finding new communities/interest groups was very easy.  [Should I be surprised that a Google  product has great search functionality?]  Facebook takes second for its feed of friends’ actions, including their sign-up to new groups.

LaF [Look and Feel]:  Second Life.  It’s sooo bee-yoo-ti-ful.  MySpace should come second for its HTML, but I’m more interested in staying in touch than getting my page dressed to impress.  Next highest honours go to Facebook instead.

WPI [Worst Public Image]:  MySpace.

MySpace has weathered a lot of bad press in the media; adults concerned for the safety of children in a space where adults can prey upon them have well-publicized their fears, crusades, and sometimes the confirmation that a tragedy has befallen.  Yet Danah Boyd opines online environments are are crucial for youths as they offer “youth space”, a place where youths can gain experience with “popularity dynamics”.  Public spaces enabling youth interaction “provide the framework for building cultural knowledge.”  Boyd says those not familiar with the workings of social networking programs like Facebook are wrong to be dismissive, as “popularity dynamics because [are] how we all learned the rules of social life, how we learned about status, respect, gossip and trust.”

L8R [Don’t Look for Me Here]:  MySpace.  Too many artfully-posed shots of teens seeking sexual recognition (at least) from peers.  I feel creepy here.  Online sex and sexual interactions happen – great, keep unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STD’s down, learn how to socially interact gracefully.  Moving about in Facebook was just too reminisent of being the straight female who wandered into the “blackout room” at a gay bar.  What goes on in there?  Things that should remain known only to those whom are meant to be there.

And the most coveted of all the Completely Biased SN Recognition Awards, the lovable “Artie”:

RT [Rocket to the Top]:  Facebook, with its unfair advantage of having been created for my demographic, is my number one pick for social networking site.


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  1. Love it! Nicely done, Shannon 🙂

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