Blog Case Studies

The AADL blog works because it’s classy in design and hip in content. Not limited to the “bricks and mortar” instantiation of the Library but showing interest in its community and support for artisans. It has

The GSUL’s dedication to rapid-fire posting of relevant articles in various area-specific blogs acts as an RSS feed for its students. This may reduce their need to devote time to searching out information, or inspire them to investigate topics they might otherwise not have discovered.

MJPCL’s offering is attractive to the eye with FAQ tabs easy to find quickly. The site again shows dedication to community as the Library is lively venue of booked acts. I’d sign up for the Duct Tape Sculpture contest if I could get there.

WSH is a very specific online community, inviting community submissions to create the content.

What all of these sites have in common is their clear understanding of their user community: who it is comprised of, and what their needs and interests are. Be it public or post-secondary, Librarian or end-user generated, these blogs are well-maintained, relevant, attractive, and easy to navigate.


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